Tips on building healthy workplace communities

Things organizations can do today in a world of increasingly hybrid work environments.

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Workplace wellness has become an increased focus of many organizations due to the pandemic. While no one has “cracked the code” on wellness, people are trying to. That was the focus of last year’s inaugural in-person Workplace Wellness Conference, where speakers shared case studies on the initiatives their organizations took on to address the needs of employee wellbeing.

At the conference, Jeff Schmitz, chief human resources and marketing officer at Zebra Technologies, led a session on empowering employees to engage in wellness initiatives. Schmitz addressed areas like how to internally market wellbeing initiatives and opportunities for employees; measuring the effectiveness and use of programs to identify what employees are using and what they aren’t; and the effectiveness of employee apps.

This year’s Workplace Wellness Conference is already well into the planning stages and will be held in Denver, August 14-16, 2023. As you prepare yourself for next year’s conference, check out this clip during a panel Q&A session where Schmitz offered some advice on building workplace communities in a world of hybrid work environments.

You can watch Schmitz’s full session and the entire conference at

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