September 2021 Digital Workplace Guide

Get up to speed on internal comms tip, tools and software.

Sep 2021 Digital Workplace Guide

Inclusive, personalized communication has never been more important than now, as employee engagement remains essential during the ongoing pandemic.  Some organizations have made the switch to hybrid work while others remain fully remote.

You’ll find helpful guidance around these issues below to make your business stronger and more resilient, as well as ways to maintain your role as a strategic advisor in your organization. Also, check out the latest tools and products from our partners.

6 steps to humanize, personalize and maximize your employee comms

Blasting out the same generic message to everyone won’t cut it anymore. Here’s how to craft content that’ll resonate with your diverse, unique workforce.

How to ‘edutain’ a hybrid workforce

A top communicator for Phillip Morris International shares key ingredients to whip up a zesty, appealing spread of engagement tactics for such a time as this.

4 ways to help your team move from tactical to strategic communications

Learn how to stop being an order taker and take the lead as a strategic advisor.

6 reminders for more inclusive internal comms

Take these steps to prepare and produce more mindful messaging.

From Our Partners


Boost your email strategy and increase employee engagement
Corporate communicators have a responsibility to inform, educate and motivate their respective audiences.
Beyond that, you have an opportunity (and an obligation) to build trust, provide clarity and make employees feel valued. Amid so much ongoing uncertainty, how can you keep up with these daunting challenges? Much of it comes down to email strategy.
PoliteMail’s latest guide, “Internal Corporate Communications: Email Best Practices” offers a trove of smart guidance to fuel your COVID-era communication. The free download provides clarity on how to maximize messaging during this historic period of workplace upheaval, along with data-backed tips to make sure your email cuts through the noise.
PoliteMail is your one-stop shop for impressive emails and robust metrics, all within Outlook. Learn how to optimize your email communication to keep employees informed and engaged.
Looking for more resources? Check out our free resource center.


Simpplr Inc.

Simpplr is today’s modern employee intranet. Our software helps companies engage their workforce by streamlining internal communication and forging employee connections.

Simpplr customers include many leading brands such as Workday, AAA, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, DocuSign, Eurostar, and Columbia University. Our customers are improving internal communications, increasing employee engagement, and reducing employee turnover.

Download your free guide, and learn how to make your intranet indispensable.


The pandemic has heightened the need for companies to communicate clearly and effectively with their employees, and Staffbase’s new guide, “The Comms Maturity Landscape,” offers a rare peek behind the curtain of how your industry peers are performing in terms of messaging. The guide also offers crucial benchmarking data you can use to inform, fuel and augment your own work.

Download your free guide, and get an honest assessment of how much impact your internal communications are making on the business.


Employee wellness is in the spotlight more than ever these days, especially as it relates to attaining and retaining talent. Research suggests there’s a growing association between prolonged inactivity and negative health outcomes. However, many organizations have yet to determine which resources, if any, should go toward supporting workday movement and how movement can increase employee productivity and morale.

Join us on Oct. 7th for this FREE webinar where you will gain a broader understanding of why it might be time to make movement a proactive part of an organization’s approach to well-being and workspaces, wherever a workspace might be located.

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