Grammar Girl’s Guide to AP Style on Demand


Should you refer to that golf club as a "three-wood" or a "3-wood"?

Is the condition properly written "Down's syndrome," "Down syndrome" or "Down's Syndrome"?

If you miss (or never worked for) that cigar-chomping editor who recognized and fixed every AP style error, join America's most popular grammar authority, Mignon Fogarty, for a course on writing like a reporter.

The AP Stylebook is the leading reference book for most reporters who receive your pitches. Even the PR department for University of Oxford follows AP style—meaning Oxford's own press releases omit the Oxford comma.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between writing stylesand rules, and why AP style matters
  • Exceptions to AP's guidance to omit the serial (or Oxford) comma
  • Tricky apostrophes, and whether it should be "Jones' slippers" or "Jones's slippers"
  • Words you should avoid because they are offensive or libelous
  • And more