Modern Intranet: Unifying the Workforce with a Virtual Headquarters

Collaboration and connection at work has never been more vital than it is right now. Communicators are key to making that happen, creating a workplace where employees are inspired, engaged and informed. Add mergers and/or acquisitions into the picture, and the need for unifying employees and messaging is even more critical—and challenging.

Watch this free 60-minute webinar and see how Rachel Goff, internal communications manager at States Title, and her team launched a new intranet to unify the company and separate brands following a merger. You'll discover how her team worked with Simpplr to create a centralized, modern employee platform that streamlined communications among State Titles' growing distributed workforce—and gave them a space to gather around a virtual watercooler.

She'll be joined by Hani Khan, content marketing manager at Simpplr, for a discussion on how States Title worked across multiple departments (People, IT and Legal) to launch its intranet to develop one company culture and virtual headquarters.

In this FREE webinar, you will learn how:

  • Developed a content strategy to streamline vital communication
  • Broke down silos to align multiple organizations on a unified platform
  • Deployed an intranet in just five weeks


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Work is changing. People work from everywhere. Coworkers are more distributed.

Simpplr is today's modern employee intranet. Our software helps companies connect their workforce by streamlining internal communications and forging employee connections. We pride ourselves on our stunning user experience. Our product's employee adoption rates are multiples higher than industry averages. And it integrates well with other world-class, cloud-based technologies.

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Internal Communications • Employee Communications • Executive communications • Human Resources • HR Communications • Corporate Culture • Employee Engagement • Employee Experience

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