Ragan’s Back to the Workplace Guide

How to plan for a changed business world.

How soon should you rally the troops to return to the workplace? How do you reassure your employees, communicate your new safety measures, or protect your organization against COVID-19-related lawsuits?

These are questions everyone is asking as we look to a world beyond the shelter-at-home orders.

Even when a post-pandemic world emerges, the pandemic will have forever changed offices and workplaces. Organizations that resisted allowing staffers to work from home are rethinking the idea of working from home.

Communications will be at the heart of any successful effort to reboard your employees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. What a time it has been – and will continue to be – for communicators.

Purchase your copy of Back to the Workplace Guide for only $149 today and be ready to successfully reboard your worried workforce.

The Guidebook includes:

  • Return to work blueprints
  • Communications checklists
  • Phased returns
  • Reboarding disparate employee groups
  • Office guidelinesv & designs to stop the spread
  • Reducing liability
  • Communicating workplace changes
  • Tips from OSHA
  • Workplace policy reviews
  • Redefining the employee experience
  • Wellness in the new environment
  • The new culture
  • Case studies

As many scattered employees decide to keep working from home, communication’s strategic importance will be greater than ever.