Social Media & Digital Communications

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
11 a.m.-4 p.m. ET

The can't-miss virtual event of the year for social and digital media pros looking for new strategies to better reach and motivate their audiences across channels.


Social media can be the great connector, providing opportunities to build brand buzz, increase traffic and sales, enhance traditional campaigns and strategies, and empathetically engage with consumers and employees. To get results that really strengthen your organization's bottom line, last year's efforts won't cut it. Instead, it's time to seize the day by planning and creating moments of greatness across social media platforms.

Join us at this must-attend conference Social Media & Digital Communications Conference on March 16 to hear from PR, marketing and social media experts innovating ways to bolster their brands and achieve campaign and business goals through savvy content creation, new ways to engage, data-backed strategies that cater to audience insights, and more.

You'll walk away from virtual this event armed with practical takeaways across social media platforms and covering SEO, email marketing, visual storytelling, podcasting, employee engagement and more. Our insights-packed agenda will help rejuvenate and empower you to take the reins of your social media efforts —both in the eyes of consumers and your executives.

Top takeaways for you and your team:

  • How to cut through the clutter of a crowded digital media landscape to overcome fatigue and provide moments of inspiration
  • Emerging consumer behaviors and ways you can adjust your efforts to meet a digital-first audience
  • Top tools, resources and ideas to creating compelling content and increasing engagement on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and more
  • Rules for short, snackable content that wins in the attention economy
  • How to balance marketing messages and promotions with purpose-led initiatives and messaging
  • Ways you can encourage and support employee ambassadors in ways that align with your brand's mission and values
  • Resources and steps for promoting diversity within your organization and online communities
  • Tips for newsletters, emails and additional content that can support social media campaigns
  • Secrets and tools for using data and insights to boost employee and consumer engagement
  • Ways to spruce up your visual content without busting your budget
  • Tailoring your content and social media ads to the platform, consumer and current trends
  • Leveraging Medium and industry partnerships to syndicate your blog
  • Tools and tips for A/B testing your messages—along with measuring on your efforts with the right KPIs
  • Top tools and hacks for creating and publishing outstanding podcasts
  • Content and engagement considerations for younger and mobile-first consumers
  • Ways to consistently and transparently connect your executives to employees
  • Tools, tips and hacks for virtual meetings, events and watercooler chats that cater to remote and dispersed teams
  • Ways to use LinkedIn and internal social media platforms to promote engagement during and in between meetings
  • Ways to gather, report and use audience insights to increase your bottom line

You'll also receive these bonus materials:

  • Guide to Inclusive Language on Social Media
  • AdRoll's Ultimate List of Social Media Resources
  • Instagram's Guide for Businesses
  • The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn
  • Near's TikTok for Business Beginner's Guide
  • Marketo's SEO Cheat Sheet: Best Practices for On-Page Optimization
  • Axero's Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Employee Engagement
Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Must-Attend Sessions include:

  • Planning and Creating Moments of Greatness Across Social Media Platforms
  • Connect Your Organization's Leaders to Consumers and Employees Through Podcasts
  • Winning with Snackable Content: How to Stand Out on TikTok, Instagram and More
  • Tap into the New Consumer: Using Data and Insights to Make Your Social Media Soar
  • Using Insights and Analytics to Supercharge Employee Engagement
  • Harnessing LinkedIn for Thought Leadership, Branding, Employee Engagement and More
  • An SEO Crash Course: Optimizing Your Content and Campaigns
  • Meet Consumers Where They Are with Paid Social Media Content and More
  • The New Town Hall: Overcoming Zoom Fatigue While Boosting Employee Engagement
  • Trivia: Do You Know Top Social Media Trends and Changes?
  • Must-Know Email Stats and Secrets: How to Reach and Resonate with Employees
  • Show, Don't Tell: How to Cater to Changing Consumer Behaviors with Videos and Visuals
  • Telling Your Brand Story Beyond Social Media: Using Digital Content to Break Through the Noise
  • Ways to Amplify Your Organization's Most Important Voices with Employee Ambassadors
  • Inclusive Communication Strategies: Increasing Diversity, Inclusion and Purpose Through Social Media
Join to learn from top experts the newest best practices, hottest trends across social media platforms, insights for digital media and marketing success, and ways to stand out online.
Agenda will be announced soon.
Speakers will be announced soon.

If you are interested in submitting a speaker proposal, please contact Beki Winchel at


You should attend if you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas:

Social Media • Public Relations • Marketing • Content Marketing • Digital Marketing • Employee Engagement • Brand Storytelling • Community Management • Strategic Communications • Intranet • Executive Communications


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