What’s on your crisis communications checklist?

Workshop’s free guide offers tips, templates and must-haves so you’ll never face a crisis unprepared.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in March 2020, it quickly exposed cracks in many companies’ crisis communications plans—some of which hadn’t been updated in years.

A 2020 Ragan Communications survey found that while most organizations did have some form of a crisis plan in place pre-pandemic, only about half included safeguards like scenario planning and crisis drills.

Workshop’s Crisis Communications Plan Template can help you and your team prepare to navigate any number of future small- and large-scale crises. Its guide to building a crisis communications plan will enable your organization to revise an existing strategy—or start from scratch on a new one.

The 15-page guide includes:

  • How to categorize a crisis based on severity
  • Which roles to include on a first-response crisis team—and who to keep looped in
  • Step-by-step guides for crisis communications procedures
  • Tailored fact sheets and messaging templates for common crisis events
  • FAQs to anticipate from the media, stakeholders and employees in a crisis
  • A post-crisis debrief guide

Download Workshop’s free guide to gain the tools necessary to prepare for whatever crisis—however big or small—your team faces next.


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